A look into Panamarenko's mind through Inventory

Panamarenko|Book design

When Panamarenko met the love of his life and moved away, he offered his parental home in Biekorfstraat to the city of Antwerp. Hans Willemse at MUHKA was responsible for this inheritance. This book shows the house after it was emptied and during the first phases of its restoration, and is also a sort of poetic inventory of the loads of things (23 containers!) Panamarenko left behind.
The design for the cover and inside pages is very white because we wanted the book to be crisp and clean in order to have a blank and overly neutral backdrop to showcase the immense amount of doodles, signatures, drawings, calculations, photos, tools, etc. 
We opted for Wim Crouwel's futuristic 'Gridnik' as a reference to the 1960s, when Panamarenko emerged as an artist. In addition, the technological aspect of the font contrasts with the patina of the house and its contents.