M is for Master

Master Exhibition|Identity design

For Sint-Lukas Brussel, School of Arts, we designed a strong – yet neutral – sign to communicate the yearly master exhibition. The monolithic 'M' was applied in five different colors to represent five different disciplines. The catalog with 5 seperate sections, one for each discipline, is held together by a paper slipcase. 

We Love Type

The Making Of

U must love books to come up with this

Award for book designers|Award

Ok. Books do it for us. So when asked to design an award for the Best Designed Books (in Flanders), we took it as a challenge and decided we had to get our hands dirty. We made a robust wooden award which looks like a book rather than an award: the winner can put it on display in his/her bookcase without flaunting his/her craftsmanship. We love this award because it is a smart answer to the technical constraints of a printer at Agfa, the sponsor of the award. It really makes the best of very stringent production demands, i.e. printing on a plate of a maximum thickness of 3 cm.
We asked a carpenter to cut and sand the wooden blocks. Johan stained them and the logo was printed on the finished blocks. The book jacket identifies the winning book.
We made these awards for three consecutive years, using a different type of wood each year.